Useful Tips and Home Remedies to Gain Weight

Useful Tips and Home Remedies to Gain Weight

It is often seen that people who are obese often think of thinness, because of which they use a lot of things, but do you know that even thinner people have to face many social evils. Thin people often suffer from the complexity of inferiority with their bodies. Because of this, many times they get away from the crowd, they afraid that nobody should ridicule them after seeing his/ her thin body. In this post, we shared some Useful Tips and Home Remedies to Gain Weight.

If you are too thin then you too may be upset with this problem. They do not look attractive or feels good on body shape. If you are too thin then you can try the following tips to increase your weight. Eat healthy food and say no to junk food. This will increase the metabolism of your body and you will be healthy. This means that your body will look healthy and attractive.

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Useful Tips and Home Remedies to Gain Weight


By taking protein-rich diets, weight increases and muscle strength increases. You should eat things like milk, cheese, peanuts, butter, dates, pulses, and beans. If you want, you can also drink banana shake because the banana food increases the weight. Drink a Glass of Banana Shake in Morning and Mango Shake in evening to increase the weight.


A potato-like vegetable has a considerable amount of carbohydrate and sugar, which gives necessary body fat. Weight can be increased in a few days by consuming a certain quantity of cooked or grilled potato salad, sandwich or other types of food every day.


If you want to look healthy and beautiful, then you must eat almonds. Almonds will give you strength, vitamins, iron, phosphorus, and calcium and also help you to gain weight. Soak 12 almonds in the night and peel in the morning and grind them with 1 teaspoon butter and sugar candy. Eat this with a Hot cup of milk.


It improves your digestion and helps you gain weight. Drink 1 teaspoon honey in hot milk glass and drink it.


Soak barley grains overnight. In the morning remove the peel and boil it in the milk and prepare kheer. Add Sugar or Honey for taste. You can also put dates in it.

Exercise daily

Exercising daily will change your body fat into muscles. Do some Yoga Asanas and breathing exercises, which release toxic substances from the body and increase the body’s stamina.

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