Home Remedies to get rid of Period cramps

Remedies to get rid of Period cramps

Home Remedies to get rid of Period cramps – In periods of menstruation, women have to struggle with severe pain and cramping of the body. Many times women seem to be suffering so much that they have to take medicines, but many home remedies can help you to get rid of this pain, these methods prove to be very effective. During periods, the intestinal contraction of muscles in the uterus starts to cramp.

Cramps usually start 1-2 days before the onset of bleeding. It is generally felt in the lower part of the stomach or in the pelvic region. Its pain can go back to the upper part of the thighs and thighs. Women also feel a headache, fatigue. If you feel more cramps, then use these remedies.

Home Remedies to get rid of Period Cramps

Home Remedy 1 – To use of Heat

There are many natural remedies which provide relief in menstrual cramps. The most common and easy way to do this is to use heat. This method is more effective than painkillers. Compressed muscles that cause cramps due to heat cause relaxation. You should put a heat on the lower part of your stomach. You can also apply a heat in the lower part of your back. For this, use a heating pad or heat patch.

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Remedy 2 – Take a bath with hot water

If there is more cramping in the body then it can be relieved by taking a bath with hot water. This gives the body plenty of comfort.

Remedy 3 – Share your attention

If you feel heavy pain and cramps, try doing other effective measures along with the use of heating pad like meet good friends, read a book, play computer games, watch a movie or a TV show.

Remedy 4 – Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a very effective remedy in the cramps that occur in the period. For more than 2000 years it is used as painkillers. In this method, thin needles, like hair, are planted in the body, this reduces the pain especially in periods.

Remedy 5 – Use of Basil Leaves

Pain in the period often becomes unbearable. When it feels so, take basil leaves. It can also be used by putting it in tea. Be careful while choosing a tea. Raspberry, chamomile and ginger tea have the anti-inflammatory ability to relieve the cramps, so use them.

Remedy 6 – Massage

There is particularly pain in the waist during periods. Many times there is more pain in the whole body itself. In such a way, use lukewarm olive and coconut oil and massage it, it will be very relaxing.

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Remedy 7 – Turmeric Milk

To remove body aches, fatigue and stomachache, mix turmeric in milk and drink plenty of it. Turmeric milk produces heat in the body, which provides relief.

Remedy 8 – Avoid eating Cold Things

Avoid eating cold things during periods. Use fewer milk products and do not eat lentils with meat sauce. All these things can cause gas in the stomach, which increases the pain.

Remedy 9 – Take supplements

During the period, taking several supplements like Vitamin B, E, C and Follet will also be beneficial in period cramps. During this time green leafy vegetables are also very beneficial.

Is it wrong to talk openly about menstruation or periods? Share your views by writing in a comment section. Also, let us know what you do to get relief from period cramps.

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