Reasons why Bananas are good for your health


Why Banana?

Banana is a powerhouse of nutrients and is in its own way a complete meal and you will not underestimate the importance of bananas after reading the following information. Bananas are good for hangovers, shoe shining, relieve itching, cure your warts, relax your nervous system, regulate blood sugar, bowel movement and believe it or not bananas help in treating kidney cancer, heart attacks, and stroke.


They are delicious, cheap, and available throughout the year. You can enjoy the fruit on its own or in a fruit salad or a milkshake. And, of course, not to forget the mouth-watering banana halwa! The banana stem and flowers are used as a staple ingredient in many South Indian dishes.

Banana is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins B6, and minerals like potassium and manganese which make them very nutritious. Here is a list of the amazing health benefits that the humble fruit offers.

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Here is the list of some Benifits of Bananas

  1. Banana is abundant in tryptophan which when converted into serotonin (the neurotransmitter that makes you feel good) can help fight depression
  2. Have two banana for energy boost and maintain normal sugar level when planning intense workout
  3. Apart from helping you get some much-needed beauty sleep, you can add bananas to your beauty regime too. Banana masks are a natural way to get a smooth, supple and glowing skin. It has moisturizing properties which are extremely good for people who have dry skin
  4. Having a banana before bed can help promote sleep. The soothing effect is due to high levels of tryptophan which gets converted to serotonin in the brain. This not only improves your mood but also makes you more alert and improves your concentration levels
  5. Both the fruit and stem are rich in fiber and pectin which helps assist bowel motility and eases out constipation. Alternatively, you can even drink the juice prepared from the banana plant stem
  6. Have a banana before or after an intense workout to prevent muscle cramps
  7. Use bananas as a natural supplement against calcium deficiency and weak bones
  8. Bananas are anti-stress fruits, anti-PMS syndrome and they regulate blood sugar
  9. Bananas are very rich in vitamin B-6. B-6 is known to be great for calming the nervous system, help with type-2 diabetes treatment, losing weight and ease swelling
  10. Bananas are also great in helping iron deficiency thereby helping your blood quality
  11. Bananas are FDA approved fruits for treating hypertension. They are low in salt and have the ability to protect from the heart attack and stroke. Consuming bananas helps digestion
  12. Bananas contain pectin, therefore are great in fighting indigestion, soothing irritable colon, capturing toxins and heavy metals and taking them away from our body
  13. Bananas are stomach friendly among other beneficial properties for our body. They create digestive enzymes that help in nutrient absorption
  14. Bananas are very good in helping intestinal peristaltic – bowel movement
  15. Bananas are the oldest cure in the book for upset stomach, leaky gut or diarrhea. You can easily recover from lost electrolytes due to diarrhea by having a banana
  16. Bananas can naturally calm down your upset stomach from GERD, heartburn, acid reflux
  17. Stomach ulcers are known to be a result of corrosive acids. Bananas offer a great relief against acidity and they perfectly cover the inside mucus of the stomach
  18. Eye macular degeneration, kidney cancer, and osteoporosis can be avoided if consuming bananas. Natural calcium in the banana can absolutely have a higher effect on improving the bone structure
  19. Whenever you need to be more concentrated, have a banana. You will understand and remember information much better because of the potassium. Eat a banana before you start learning
  20. Bananas are high in antioxidants, providing protection from free radicals and chronic disease
  21. Have a banana when feeling nauseated
  22. The banana peel helps a lot in getting rid of itching caused by insect bites
  23. Consuming a banana can help keep sugar level under control and food craving in between meals
  24. A banana can have a cooling effect on your body when having the fever or when you’re just hot
  25. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder can be treated well by consuming bananas. Tryptophan- the natural mood enhancer is an important component of the banana
  26. Bananas are very good in helping the body recover while or after quitting smoking period. Because it is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and most importantly for this matter rich in B vitamins
  27. Warts can be successfully treated by taping a small piece of the inside of the banana peel on the wart
  28. For shiny bags and boots or any leather items, use the inside of a banana peel, evenly apply on a surface with circular moves. Use the dry cloth to remove content from surface and polish to shine!
  29. The phallic shape of banana makes it the most suggestive food. But the aphrodisiac effect of banana is not just confined to its shape. It is rich in nutrients that help produce sexual hormones and also enhance male libido. It also regulates the secretion of serotonin which is known to be responsible for the euphoric feeling after intercourse


    • If you are allergic to bananas, you should avoid them completely. Be careful of fruit salads and fruit drinks and anywhere else where banana might be an unexpected ingredient.

      P.S. The proteins in the banana are similar to those in some other fruits. If you are allergic to bananas, you may also react to avocado, kiwi or chestnut. A few people with banana allergy react to other fruits such as tomato, and also to vegetables such as bell pepper, olive, potato and custard apple. Also, Allergic reactions to banana vary widely and can include itching of the mouth and throat, hives (urticaria), swelling (angioedema), and wheezing. In most cases, symptoms begin within minutes of eating the fruit. Mild allergic reactions can be treated with an antihistamine. But on rare occasions, there is potential for a banana to cause anaphylaxis, which is the term for a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction.


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