Reason and cure for white discharge (Likoria) or (leucorrhoea) in women?

white discharge (Likoria) or (leucorrhoea) (श्वेत प्रदर)

White discharge i.e. Likoria or Leucorrhoea, which is called (श्वेत प्रदर) in Hindi, is a common problem of women. Gynecologist says that women usually have slight vaginal discharge in women. In the medical term, it is also known as Likoria. But if there is more discharge then it should not be ignored.

What is Likoria (श्वेत प्रदर)

In women, white and sticky thickened liquid discharge coming from the vagina is called Likoria or Leucorrhoea. In Hindi, it is called (श्वेत प्रदर). This problem occurs in women across the world.

When does Likoria or Leucorrhoea?

Discharge of women from the vagina is usually in white color, so it is also known as white discharge. It is a common problem for women, which occurs in many women normally before or after a period of one or two days. In different women, its quantity, condition and time may vary.

Why is White Discharge Problem?

Reason 1: Bacterial or Fungal Infections – If you are not cleaning your vaginal parts properly, it can lead to white discharge.

Reason 2: Hormonal problem – Due to the hormonal disturbance during periods, pregnancy or menopause, there may be a problem of white discharge.

Reason 3: Repeated abortion – Repeated abortions can lead to internal infection or injury, which can lead to white discharge.

Reason 4: Diabetes – Disease like diabetes can cause yeast infections in the vagina. It can lead to white discharge

Reason 5: Unhealthy Diet – Consume more oil and spices, junk food, oily and fatty foods or fasting a lot can lead to white discharge.

Reason 6: Internal Injury – Prevention of birth control, incorrectly creating a physical relationship can lead Injury which also leads white discharge.

Reason 7: STD (Sexual Transmission Disease) – Sexual Transmission Disease such as Gonorrhea and Chlamydia infection cause the reason of white discharge from the vagina.

Reason 8: Contraceptive – Infections can be due to birth control pills, creams or internal contraceptive and is the reason of white discharge.

Consult with your Gynecologist if,

  1. If the discharge excessive. Little discharge is normal
  2. If discharge color is brown, red or any other color instead of white
  3. If there is a problem like itching, burning, and pain along with discharge, do immediate consult with the doctor.
  4. If discharge is coming along with smell, and or discharge is more sticky and thick

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You can avoid White Discharge by

  1. Keep in mind the inner cleanliness. Wash the vaginal part with the water of borax powder or alum.
  2. Always wear good quality of undergarments. Do take care of the cleanliness of undergarments. Never wear wet undergarments.
  3. Take Healthy Diet. Drink plenty of water. Eat more green vegetables, salads, and food that is rich in iron and protein.
  4. Avoid junk food, more oil or spices food, sweet, cold drinks. Keep your digestion healthy.

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  1. Thanks you for this information as there are many searching to treat this issue naturally. I will also use alum as someone told me to mix it in water for douching.


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