Methods to Increase Breast Size Naturally

Breast Size Naturally

Methods to Increase Breast Size Naturally

In this section, I will give you a detailed plan of action that will help you get bigger breast size naturally.

Ways to Increase Breast Size Naturally – Diet

  1. Milk: Whole milk, milk products, butter all of these are pretty helpful in increasing breast size. Whole milk is not low fat milk, but rich in fat… remember breast tissues are made of fat… you get the fat from fatty food for breasts!
    • Side Effects – If you overdo it you may end up having a bulky body. Weight gain can be an outcome. If you are allergic to milk, consult your doctor. Although the allergy can be treated.
    • Best Thing – Milk is good for health, need not say anymore!
  2. Soya Milk and Soy Beans: Soya Milk is rich in protein we all know. High in isoflavones, it mimics estrogen and thus indeed helps to increase breast size. Soya milk is obtained from soya beans. Beans are equally effective to maintain a healthy estrogen level in the body Consume it but quantity needs to be checked.
    • Side Effects – it can affect your menstrual cycle.. in fact, can be associated with breast cancer. Make sure you avoid overdose.
    • Best Thing – Consume as directed, risks are minimal. It can be really very effective to get bigger boobs!
  3. Papaya: It’s quite a surprise addition to my list. But what you did not know is that papaya can be really helpful in increasing breast size. Papaya with milk can be a boon for increasing boob size!
    • Side Effects – It’s not the food for Pregnant women. Overeating… in this case over drinking can cause loose motions diarrhea.
    • Best Thing– Easily available. No fuss remedy.
  4. Saw Palmetto: It is considered to be a hormone regulating herb used for men and women. It has amazing breast enhancement properties.
    • Side Effects – Overdose can harm
    • Best Things – Easily available in supplement form. Consult a doc for the dosage.

Ways to Increase Breast Size Naturally – Herbal

Check out these amazing herbs and spices that work really well for breast size enlargement

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1 Fenugreek Seeds for Big Breasts: I am sure you already have heard of this… fenugreek (methi) has a good amount of Phyto (plant) estrogen and diosgenin that encourage prolactin hormone which is associated with breast growth.

  • But is popping the seeds enough…? Well yes, it is very much effective.
  • In fact, you can also make a paste of these seeds and massage your breasts.
  • The other way to use this remedy is to crack the seeds in a base oil, preferably mustard oil, and massage your breasts with this oil. Fenugreek oil itself is a good option.
  • Fenugreek sprouts are even better for breast growth as it has the higher amount of diosgenin. You may very well use these as a natural way to enlarge breasts.
  • You can also use fenugreek supplements. Consult your doctor for right dosage.

Side Effects – Side effects like diarrhea and stomach upset may occur in a case of high dose.

Best Thing – These side effects are still mounting way minuscule as compared to the complications artificial methods can cause!

Caution – Pregnant women are not advised to use fenugreek supplements because it can result in premature uterine contractions.

2 Fennel Seeds for Breast Enlargement:

  • Chew fennel. it’s tasty!
  • Use its powder or paste in your meals
  • Pop these seeds in any base oil. And use it for massaging.
  • Fennel can be used in the form of a supplement.

Side Effects- It may disrupt the nervous system in consumed in the excess amount. So pay heed on how much you end up consuming.

Best Things- It’s easily available and being a herb, it has practically minimal side effects.

3 Flax Seeds For Breast Enhancement:

Rich in Phytoestrogen, Flax seeds, linseed or ‘alsi ke beej’ is a common herb used in North East of India the most. It’s an amazing herb that works wonders for increasing your bust size purely naturally and giving ample satisfaction.

  • You can pop in flaxseeds and chew.. it has a nutty flavor.
  • Ground flax seeds are healthier as compared to their whole counterparts.
  • You can add it in flour, make a paste along with other herbs to use in food preparation.
  • Flaxseed or linseed oil can be used topically for messaging or in a diet as salad topping or seasoning.

Side Effects- It can cause allergic reactions, indigestion, blood-related infections, etc. Pregnant and nursing mothers are advised not to use it.

Best Thing- It has flavonoid, omega 3, 6 fatty acids and also produces lignans which act as estrogens. Its helps in breast and ovarian cancer. there is one more page you would like to check out.


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