Jacqueline Fernandez’s Beauty SECRETS you always wanted to know

Jacqueline Fernandez’s Beauty SECRETS you always wanted to know

Last week on 27th February 2019 gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez shares some skincare routine that she follows.

Her fan asked some questions to Jacqueline Fernandez on Social Media Platform Instagram and she answered every question asked.

What would you like to know about my skin care routine?

Question: Do you follow any Detox Routine for your skin?

Answer: So far a green juice first thing in the morning! Celery, turmeric, apple cider vinegar all amazing things to drink for the best clear skin. Find what works best for you and stick to it!!

Question: How do you make you skin so beautiful

Answer: Aim to drink a lot of water. 1 litre when you wake up, 1 litre before lunch, 1 litre after lunch… at night herbal teas! that’s a lot of water but works best for skin!!

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Question: How are you soo beautiful if you ever had pimples

Answer: I still suffer from adult Ache!! Sucksss when you have to get photographed all the time! I’ve realized it only comes about when I’m indulging too much in sugar. So I do my best to keep it in its limits!!

Question: Best serum that you use?

Answer: Vitamin C is the best thing to use for glowing skin!

Question: Open pores and pimples ma’am, I really pissed off

Answer: Me too!! I hate open pores but I have them too!! Icing the skin and splashing cold water helps! But I’ve realized invest in a ‘pore refiner’ cream, it makes them look smaller


Question: How do you avoids black circles

Answer: Not sure about this one… I find exercise especially yoga helps as it increases circulation! Lots of water and make sure you are getting the best quality sleep!

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Question: Anti Aging

Answer: Aging is beautiful! Let’s embrace it!! Especially cute laugh wrinkles around the eyes! Means you’ve lived well! Howeverrrrr one very important tip to maintain quality skin is a sunscreen! Best investment!

Question: Pimples, Pimples and so many Pimples

Answer: Urghhhh! Tell me about it!! I had like 5 on my face last month! Try going all alkaline to balance the body, I find it helps me, so lots of green veggies and juices (celery juice, apple cider vinegar come to my rescue every time) and completely cut out sugar!! It sucks I know, but alternatives like honey and dates do the trick just right!!

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Question: Any tips for such gorgeous hair

Answer: @tresemme has a solution to all your hair problems! Been using @tresemmeindia since forever and it really is amazing!!


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