Health benefits of Drinking Water and why it is so important?

Drinking Water

Why is drinking water so important? Is it really helps to maintain our physical and mental health? How much water do we need to drink per day? Too much of questions are circling around our head. Want to know the answers? This article may bring solutions.

Water:-  the most important thing in the universe. Water is a base for all life. Scientists are searching water across the universe for possible life forms. Water takes about 71% of earth’s surface. Around two-thirds of our body is made up of water, aids in nearly all process of our body. It helps to maintain our body health in many ways. Each and every cell in our body has more than 50% of water in it. water is the main constituent of life form.


Health benefits for drinking water

  1. Helps in Weight Loss
    Water is not a magic scepter to make you slim in just a swing. Water intake reduces your appetite by filling your stomach. Research studies show that drinking water before 15 mins of a meal helps in reducing food intake as water fills most of the stomach; makes you feel full. Drinking water before meals also increases metabolism.
  2. Aids in Digestion
    Drinking enough water prevents constipation. The Large intestine is the place where water is absorbed from the stool. When you consume adequate water, it makes the stool heavier by combining with fiber which makes the elimination easier as transit time reduces. When you don’t drink enough water, colon (large intestine) sucks out even little water present in it; makes it harder and difficult to pass.
  3. Prevents from Cancer
    Kidney separates toxins from our body and stores it in the urinary bladder. Drinking lots of fluid help to flush out these toxins from the bladder and lower the risk of bladder cancer. Drinking enough fluids also lower the risk of colon and breast cancer.
  4. Cure Headache
    Doing our daily work or going out for a trip without drinking water for a long time leads to a headache in some people; also provoke a migraine. Staying hydrated prevents a dehydration headache; if you get a headache drink plenty of water to get relief from it.
  5. Kidney Health
    Kidneys help our body to maintain proper balance in many ways. It removes toxins like urea, creatinine, and excess salts from our body. Maintains balanced electrolyte level and controls blood pressure. Drinking lots of water reduce the burden on a kidney. When you drink adequate fluid, your urine is clear and have less odor. If intake of fluid is reduced kidney retains water for body function and urine gets concentrated, odor increases. Drink lots of water also reduces the chance of getting kidney stones.
  6. Guard Cartilage & Bone Joints
    Cartilage, most flexible and strong muscle helps to keep our bones in place. Cartilage acts a major role in the movement of the body as it connects bone joints. When leg or hand is bend and comes to its original state on movement this cartilage muscle holds the bones in the same alignment and assist in proper movement. Cartilage muscle composes about 60% of water on its muscular structure. Staying hydrated helps to compensate a loss of water in cartilage muscle to maintain its function properly.
  7. Hot Water Bath to get Sleep
    Not only drinking helps to maintain our body healthy even taking water in any form helps to maintain our body healthy in some ways. Hot water bath relieves body ache and aids in sound sleep. Sleep deprivation can be overcome by taking hot water bath or shower before going to bed. It relieves stress and gives a relaxed mood to sleep.
  8. Effective Working of Brain
    As we all know brain needs pure oxygen to work properly. Brain constitutes about 80% of water.
    So proper hydration will help the brain to function clearly. This makes you think properly, make the decision clearly, to remember things and also helps in many ways.
  9. Ingenious Cleanser
    Water (inside or outside) is a helping hand on cleaning everything inside and around us. Water is efficient, a non-toxic solvent used for cleaning all things around us. We may have lots of products for effective cleaning but without water, there is no cleaning. Water is a universal solvent. It also cleanses us from inside by excreting toxins as waste products from our body.
  10. Ease Toothache
    Salt water helps to get relief from a toothache, bad breath swollen gums. Gargling lukewarm salt water twice or thrice per day reduces microbial build-up in mouth aids in the improvisation of oral health.
  11. Gives Relief from Pain & Swelling
    When frozen it act as pain relieving therapy for swelling and pain in muscles. Massage ice cubes on affected area for instant relief from sprain and strain. It also scales down burnt wound by massaging it immediately on the affected area.
  12. Healthy Heart
    Drinking water is directly proportionate to heart health. Coronary heart diseases risk increases on patients who drink less water by recent studies. Reduced intake of water makes a heart to work hard to pump blood.
  13. Steam Inhalation
    Steam inhalation is the good home remedy for respiratory problems like cold, sinusitis, allergies, asthma, etc. Lungs and throat get effective treatment as it is a natural expectorant. Improves circulation throughout the body, cleanses pores and rejuvenates skin.
  14. Perk up While Exercise
    Work out or exercise is good for health as it maintains the muscle tone and gives the fit look. Doing severe exercise causes increased sweat which results in dehydration. Dehydration causes fatigue and loss of muscle tone, so drink a lot of fluids to get hydrated. Drinking water makes you feel energetic. Muscle comprises water during dehydration muscle will also lose its water content, it has to be replaced in order to maintain proper muscle tone
  15. Relaxed Mind and Increases Skin Tone
    Water treatment like spa and sauna helps to get relief from stress, fatigue, frustration, body pain. Hot water massage for legs before going to bed aids in sound sleep. Steam inhalation and drinking lots of water provide skin rejuvenation, removing dirt and dead cells improves skin tone.

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Above are the reasons why you have to stay hydrated always? But staying hydrated means drinking required amount of water per day. Some measures are there for drinking water like take 6-8 glasses of water per day, or take your weight divide it to half take that much amount of water in ounces. But listen to your body drink as much of water you need.


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