Easy way which help you to get Pregnant Faster


PREGNANCY or to be Pregnant is the most important period in every women’s life. Only after becoming a mother women fulfill her birth destiny. Pregnancy is an important issue these days as getting pregnant is not that easy. Couples who are trying to get the pregnant longing to have a child. Some get pregnant as soon as their marriage life starts. For others getting pregnant is a big deal in their life. Difficulty in conceiving a child might result from various reasons; only a thorough checkup can reveal the problem. In few, reasons are unknown but following these eight simple tips could help them in

Some tips that help you to get Pregnant naturally and soon

Eat Right & Healthy
When you planned to get pregnant start having a good, nutritious diet. Diet should be rich in folic acid; taking folic acid rich food prior to pregnancy helps in many ways. Folic acid plays a vital in ovulation cycle which results in healthy matured ovum. It helps to prevent neural tube defects in baby. Foods rich in vitamins and nutrients are good for ovulation cycle. Fibre content food helps in proper digestion which in turn helps to maintain uterus health. Not only planning good diet is important but also taking it in right time is also important.

Sleep Well
Get adequate rest if you are planning to get pregnant. Human body requires proper rest to reduce stress on organs which are working round the clock. By giving required rest organs in our body function properly to maintain good health. Less sleep affects us in many ways including brain function. Brain is a main part which controls our entire body function. Sleep deprived men and women have less interest in sex. So keep aside all the work when the time comes go and hit the sack.

What happen to your body after drinking a cold drink?

Exercise Every Day
Exercise makes your body fit. Blood flow to the uterus is important; exercising daily assist in maintaining healthy uterus. Blood vessel which carries blood to legs, carries blood to uterus. So people who are less active or works by sitting in a same place for long time have less blood flow to uterus. For uterus to work properly exercise is must. If you don’t have time to exercise just walk for 30 mins at least for 5 days a week. You can also do walking while work like taking stairs instead of lift, walk to buy groceries etc.

Cool Your Body
Dehydration may bring difficulties to getting pregnant. Human body requires water to control and to keep moving certain function. Hydrating yourself is most important before and after conceiving. Endometrium is a lining inside the uterus in which egg implants itself to grow as a healthy baby. To make this process happens without any hindrance water is important. Blood volume increases to double during pregnancy. Kidney and Liver health is important because failure in maintaining its health results in stillborn, premature delivery, loss of amniotic fluid, etc. For all these proper and regular hydration is important. Cervical mucus acts as a medium for sperm to travel; quality of cervical mucus depends on hydration level of body. Hydrating our body results in proper blood circulation and healthy egg. What we are drinking is key note to look. Avoid drinking soft drinks, it adds too much of empty calories to your body. Drink 8 glasses of water or water in form of juice or lassi.

Quit Smoke & Drink
Drinking alcohol lowers your chance of getting pregnant. It suppresses the secretion of adrenal gland which directly affects the egg health. For men consuming alcohol causes low sperm count and quality of the sperm is not good. It’s also the underlying cause of various fertility issues like Amenorrhea( no menstrual cycle), ovary weight is reduced, low secretion of fertility hormone, arrest ovulation, hinders sperm path from vagina to fallopian tube.

Prolonged smoking directly affects the ovarian function, therefore reducing the percentage level of chances of getting pregnant. Couples who plan for a child have to stop smoking before they are even trying to conceive.

Reduce Caffeine intake:
Caffeine is present in coffee, tea, chocolate, and other caffeinated beverages. Caffeine intake affects the essential hormone level which helps to undergo proper ovulation cycle. Too much of caffeine interrupts ovulation cycle, results in an-ovulation (no ovum released), or poor quality ovum not suitable for sperm to fuse. Women who tries to get pregnant should limit their caffeine intake level by reducing the intake of coffee or other beverages by 1-2 cups per day.

Learn Your Cycle
Ovulation is a process in which ovary releases ovum. Ovulation cycle has a pattern of its own. By learning your ovulation pattern and changes in your body you can able to find out the date in which ovum releases. Not every person has same pattern, each has their own unique pattern. Ovulation cycle is the process of formation & release of ovum. If you follow the pattern, you could pinpoint the exact day of ovum release.

Ovulation cycle can be monitored by keeping note on your body temperature, changes in cervical fluid, ovulation chart. This will work out only if your period are regular. People who have difficult time in monitoring their temperature & cervical fluid or people who have irregular period can buy ovulation kit available in the market to check whether you are ovulating or not. When you learn about your cycle, you can calculate the time of ovulation & have sex accordingly. This will increases the chance of getting pregnant.


Have Pleasure Together
For many couples feels that it is more stressful for even trying to get pregnant as there is delay in getting pregnant. Most of the couples do sex minimum of 10 days a month, but are they doing in the right time? Well, that’s the big question. If you have a normal and regular cycle, the ovum get released on approximately 14 day i.e. mid time of your regular cycle. 28 day cycle means you ovulate on 14th day. For women whose cycle comes under 20 – 30 days there ovulation day is around 10 -16th day. We can’t exactly say that ovum will release exactly on mid cycle day. It may either releases 1-2 days earlier or later. So, the ovulation window is 10-16th day of your cycle.

Ovum when released travels to fallopian tube and wait there for sperm to fuse. It will wait for 12-24 hrs. Having sex prior to ovulation is recommended as sperm can survive in woman’s uterus for nearly 4 days.

Couples who make sex on this time basis increases the chances of getting pregnant sooner. But it is more stressful to force your mind to have sex on particular days. For this both of them need to talk with open heart, discuss things, rejuvenate your love life, spend time together, go to favourite spots, have fun, keep relaxed. These things will ease you and gets the things back to normal stage. Just pretend that you have just started your life, love each other, understand each other which makes you a stress free person and making love happens naturally.


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