Deepika Padukone Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone Workout Routine

Before talking about Deepika Padukone Workout Routine and Diet Plan, first, we need to know that Deepika Padukone is state level badminton player and Indian supermodel. This actress must be having a strict workout routine as any dress fits her – whether Indian or Western. This 5 ft 9 in supermodel says that

“I do regular exercise, yoga, eat healthy and positive thinking is what makes me look good.”

Deepika doesn’t have a personal fitness trainer. But, she takes help from Yasmin. So, let’s check out her proper workout routine from the fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala.

Deepika Padukone Workout Routine

Deepika wakes up early as 6 am in the morning and heads towards her garden and does yoga and free-hand exercises.

Celebrity trainer Yasmin introduced Deepika with the following workout routine:-

  • Gym – Deepika goes to a gym, whenever she likes. She is not in a habit of going to the gym daily and does working out there. Instead, she likes to spend time on pilates and free-hand exercises. But, when on tour, if she can’t do any exercise, she does go to the hotel gym. It happens sometimes, that she is not able to do the workout for 2 weeks, due to her busy schedule. Deepika, just do light weights, depending upon which body part is being worked upon.
  • Yoga – Deepika likes yoga very much and does it daily in the morning. She does different Asans, which help her to look young, fresh and healthy.
  • Walks – Deepika doesn’t like running. So, she does daily walks for about half an hour in the morning, after her yoga session.
  • Dance – Dance is another activity, which she likes if she is not in a mood of doing other exercises. Dance is a great exercise, which helps her to maintain her lean figure.
  • Pilates and Stretching – Yasmin introduced Deepika to Pilates and stretching exercises, which Deepika also likes and that is why she implemented these exercises in her daily workout routine. Pilates is a great way to maintain flexibility and that too without any equipment. What you need are some space and a mat. In Deepika’s own words

“I do a lot of free-hand weights and 4 to 5 sets of stretching exercises with 20 reps, in between Pilates or stretching routines.”

During her olden days, i.e., when she was in school, she used to play badminton in the morning and in afternoon, when school was over, which has helped her a great way to maintain the body’s flexibility. What Yasmin says about this. Listen to her

“Pilates has done wonders on her body and uses a combination of yoga and strength to tighten the core muscles of the body and relaxes the mind. “

This is the workout routine when Deepika is in town. But, she is most of the times out for her shooting and remains busy in that. So, she just does a mix of yoga, swimming and if she finds a local trainer, then also does some pilates.

So, this is the workout routine of this leggy actress. Deepika’s diet is more important than her workout in maintaining that killer figure.

Deepika Padukone Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone doesn’t starve herself and is a big foodie. Yasmin Karachiwala suggests her to eat small meals at a regular interval of 2 hours. Yasmin says

“We recently discovered Quinoa, a carbohydrate substitute high in fiber which has worked wonders for Deepika”


  • 2 egg whites
  • Low-fat milk


  • In non-veg, she likes  fishes, generally grilled to avoid extra fat
  • In veg, she eats vegetables.

Evening Snacks

  •  Almonds
  • Filter Coffee (She likes South Indian food too much)


  •  She avoids non-veg and other heavy food at night.
  • Just eats salads, roti (chapati), veggies. i.e. a complete balanced diet, which provides her almost every nutrient. She avoids rice at night.

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After every 2 hours

  • After every 2 hours, as suggested by Yasmin, Deepika eats fresh fruits or sometimes drinks fresh fruit juices; whatever she likes.

Deepika, being a South Indian, likes South Indian food a lot like rice, dosa, upma, etc. So, she prefers them. For instance, she eats dosa without potato filling. Also, while having idli, she replaces coconut chutney with green chutney, and like wise.

That is all about Deepika Padukone Workout Routine and Diet Plan. Share with your friends to motivate them. So that they too follow the Deepika Padukone Workout Routine and Diet Plan.


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