Dark Circles – Causes and Ayurvedic Advice

Dark Circles - Causes and Ayurvedic Advice

The dark circles are now a common problem among the stress-prone population in the world. Following some home remedies without knowing the root of the problem, does not give the complete cure. Here are some views regarding dark circles from an Ayurvedic perspective.

In Ayurvedic point of view, it is a vata vriddhi Lakshana (the symptom of the increase in vata dosha).

Some of the known causes attributed to the cause of dark circles are:

  • Sleep deprivation – not getting enough sleep in the night clears aggravates vata, increases dryness and roughness in the body
  • Stress/ Anxiety/Depression – again a main cause of vata and pitta aggravation. Increased vata alters the mental functions of an individual. Eyes also remain under stress when ones constantly looking into the smartphones/ computers. This atiyog or misuse of the sense organs causes vata aggravation.
  • Ageing: Ayurveda says that old age is the period of vata where all the body tissues get depleted. Clearly, in old age, there is depletion of the subcutaneous fat tissues and thinning of the skin under the eyes that causes darkening of the skin of that area.
  • Dehydration – Water deprivation in the body increases the dryness, roughness, and heat and thus causes thinning of the arteries under the eyes which are clearly the symptoms of an increase in vata and pitta.
  • Dietary factors: Use of excess salt in diet that may cause fluid retention under the eyes making it discoloured. Also, the intake of food that is dry in nature and cold in potency aggravates vata. Here includes the big list of dry fruits and nuts too.
  • External factors: Certain allergens present in the makeup causes hyperpigmentation of the skin. Other factors like trauma also might cause dark circles that takes a long time to get cured.

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Ayurvedic advice:

  1. Application of oil all over the body and massage of the scalp helps reducing stress/ anxiety depression and restores good sleep thus reducing dark circles.
  2. Consumption of dairy-based products particularly, desi ghee helps. Desi ghee or butter can also be applied under the eyes to see appreciable results.
  3. Application of eye pack with smashed apples or cucumber or potatoes helps in reducing the dark circles when done at least thrice in a week for 6 weeks.
  4. Rose water soothes the eyes like nothing else. Apply a cotton pad dipped in rose water 10 minutes prior to sleep.
  5. Application of kunkumadi tailam reduces dark circles and imparts a glow to the face. Use it daily massage with the tip of the fingers for best results.

Quick tips:

  1. Stay hydrated
  2. Avoid indulgence in cold drinks, tea, coffee, dry fruits and nuts/cold, dry food like bread. Also, minimize the use of beans as it increases vata dosha.
  3. Avoid spicy, astringent and bitter foods.
  4. Practice pranayama: Pranayama helps in regulating the breath and thus vata dosha Hence it helps in reducing stress, anxiety and helps in coming up with depression.
  5. Sleep for at least 6-7 hours in the night.
  6. Use good quality makeup.

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