Breast Cancer: Some Myth and Reality

Breast Cancer Some Myth and Realities

According to Cancer India Organization, people die most of the 5 types of cancer, out of which the breast cancer is at the first number. This includes both women and men. This is the most common cancer in Indian women. One-fourth of the women in the cities have breast cancer. Breast-cancer, cervical, oral and colorectal cancer are such cancer, if they are quickly detectable, then the patient can be treated with treatment.

However, there are many myths about this cancer that cause the patient to become confused. The Cancer Organization has been told about such myths and their associated facts.

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Breast Cancer: Some Myth and Reality

Myth 1: Breast cancer is genetic.

Reality: The reason for only 5 to 10% of cancer is heredity. Lifestyle and Environmental Factors are responsible for breast-cancer.

Myth 2: Breast cancer risk cannot be reduced.

Reality: The risk of breast-cancer can minimize by reducing weight, regular exercise, least or no intake of alcohol.

Myth 3: Bra may cause breast cancer.

Reality: According to the 2014 Scientific Studies wearing Bra can not Cause Cancer, there is no link between the two. Women who do not wear bra may also have breast-cancer.

Myth 4: Regular mammography can prevent breast cancer.

Reality: Mammography does not end breast-cancer. But breast-cancer can be detected quickly so that it can be treated.

Myth 5: Deodorant can be cancerous.

Reality: It also has no scientific evidence.

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