Bikram Yoga – Things that you should know about

FAQ Bikram Yoga - Things that you should know about

Bikram yoga is derived from the traditional hatha yoga techniques consisting of 26 Bikram poses and two breathing techniques known as 80-20 breathing and exhalation breathing.

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It is also a form of hot yoga. Ideally, Bikram yoga beginners need to learn from a certified instructor. However, personally, I feel since the postures are derived from hatha yoga, it shouldn’t be difficult for a yoga student/ yogi to follow, as long as they are doing the poses right, and in the right temperature.

What is Bikram Yoga Temperature?

Ideally, pure Bikram yoga is practised in a heated room with a temperature of 35-42°C (95–108°F) and a humidity of 40%.

How Many Calories Does Bikram Yoga Burn?

A minimum of 10 classes is required for the body to adjust to Bikram yoga postures. An estimate of 460 calories is burnt in a 90 minutes yoga session. The heat will also cause the heart rate to rise, leading to a cardiovascular workout that burns fat and calories.

Bikram Yoga vs Hot Yoga: What’s the Difference?

Bikram yoga is a set program that is meant to be done under a certain temperature, with the guidance of certified Bikram yoga instructors or manuals. The postures are to be done in the prescribed order and for a set time. True Bikram yoga class has prescribed to be 90 minutes long only.

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bikram-yoga-for-beginners-heated-room-hot-sweat-yogasanaWhereas hot yoga can be any general form of yoga that is done in a hot room with a temperature of 28-30°C. The postures selected and the duration of the class may vary depending on the instructor.

Can Bikram Yoga Be Bad Yoga?

Yoga can never be harmful to anyone if you do the postures right and drink lots of water as recommended. But there might be issues of Hyponatremia due to excessive sweating. As per nutritionist, Natasha Lee, “This can be avoided by intaking salt water or salt and potassium tablets before the class,” as stated in the Bikram yoga website. Also, when pregnant or injured, one needs to seek advice from the doctor before doing Bikram yoga.

Bikram Yoga Weight Loss Routine

In any form of exercise, weight loss depends on the diet intake, too. Since this kind of yoga is practised in a hot room, the body sweats a lot. It works on the cardiovascular system and delivers oxygen efficiently to every part of the body, which is similar to cardio activities. So to achieve weight loss, one needs to maintain a low-carb, low-fat diet suitable for the body. And along with this kind of yoga, try to play a sport or do Zumba or dance once in a while to help burn fat.

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