Benefits of sleeping without clothes

Benefits of sleeping without clothes

For the question about sleeping without clothes? Well, the answer is Yes, I love to sleep without any clothes and always sleep totally naked. It feels great to sleep without restrictive clothing. It prepares your body to sleep and restarts its circadian rhythm for the next day.

The objective of nightly sleep is to achieve deep sleep as quickly as possible as this is the optimal system that allows the body to fully rejuvenate and release a whole host of health hormones e.g. HGH, Testosterone is just some of these.

At night, your body requires a decrease in external temperature and a dark room to achieve optimum sleep. When these conditions are met, the body also secretes a dose of serotonin in the brain which allows your brain and your whole body to rest and also to achieve deep sleep quicker than normal.

The optimum temperature for the body to be in would be around 14 to 15 Celsius (57.2 to 59 Fahrenheit), and this can be most easily achieved by sleeping without clothes. If you sleep in warmer external temperatures (e.g. with clothes on etc), your body will still achieve the deep sleep and secrete serotonin but not as quick as if you sleep in cooler temperatures.

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All day, we spend our day with clothes on and this doesn’t allow the skin to breathe and excrete what it needs to. So sleeping without clothes on allows your skins pores to breath and excrete. This means the skin can excrete dirt, clutter, oil and other things that have built up on the skin throughout the day. This dirt and clutter mostly come from the clothes we wear throughout the day.

The skin’s pores can breathe with our clothes off and this assists to excretion process that the skin undergoes.

The summary of this is that if you sleep with your clothes off or sleeping without clothes, you will get better skin and skins conditions (e.g. eczema, acne) will be improved massively by this feat over the long term.

And finally, as the body requires a decrease in external temperature at night, the secretion of hormones are also increased (HGH, testosterone, glucagon etc).

So this little change in your nightly sleep would definitely benefit your body in the long run.

Benefits of sleeping without clothes

The feeling of freedom

This is invaluable in our hectic modern lives, where everything seems so controlled and repressed. In a simple yet powerful way sleeping naked is plain liberating.

Permits the skin to breath

We are the natural beings, living under highly unnatural circumstances. Think about it for a moment- the bright fluorescents, in-door air-conditioning, and noise pollution.

It feels great to just rest in our own skin, without restriction from clothing, beddings or other mostly artificial fibres. I mean animals don’t wear clothes do they? We aren’t born wearing clothes. So if you live in a warm climate. Not wearing clothes just seems natural.

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Feeling of connection

I’m not talking sexual, but physical contact even in a non-sexual manner. I believe this is important for optimal human health. Some studies have shown that babies devoid of hugs, and human contact are adversely affected in their mental development. Sleeping naked with our children, partners, or even siblings is a beautiful act of human connection.

Less toxic exposure

Think about it, some of us wear synthetic perfumes, aftershave, deodorant, chemical cosmetics, and personal hygiene products all day. It seems like a good idea to have some bare skin time don’t you think?

It’s yummy to take an evening shower, slather on some coconut oil or use nothing, and sleep naked. Asides for better aeration to the skin, it permits our skin to detox maximally and pores to breathe. Fewer toxins in our bodies, means less fatigue, less inflammation, and overall improved health and wellbeing.

Increased body confidence

Hear me out on this one guy. I’ve known people including myself, who are uncomfortable with a body part. These parts are covered, literally it all day. Either with clothing or makeup. It kinda twisted, but somehow one feels if they hide it, and not see it.

They can deny that part of themselves. This is faulty thinking. Being naked, and seeing those parts deepens our connections to all parts of ourselves, and brings them to the forefront of our mind and life. We shouldn’t be ashamed of any part of ourselves. That’s just whacked!

Freedom and flexibility

You know the office worker gear up? The suit, the restrictive pants? The high heels? Its like one is wearing a pseudo-straight jacket all day? That feeling of constriction just to look professional just isn’t worth it. We have joints and muscles for a reason. To foster flexibility of motion, fluidity, and a wide range of movement.

Sleeping naked returns us to our raw state of physical presence. Where all our muscles, and joints are just left free to be themselves.

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