10 Tips to increase Eyesight and to remove Eyeglasses

10 Tips to increase eyesight and to remove eyeglasses

Due to the busy life and high workload, cannot complete our sleep, continuously working or looking on Laptop and Mobile Phone. Can be the reason of the glasses at an early age. But there are many ways of Ayurveda that can reduce the number of glasses or increase eye vision. In this post, we are sharing 10 Tips to help you to increase Eyesight and to remove Eyeglasses.

Here are 10 Tips to Increase Eyesight and to Remove Eyeglasses

1. Indian GooseBerry (Amla) – Soak dry Indian GooseBerry (Amla) in water throughout the night. After filtering this water in the morning wash your eyes daily.

2. Triphala – Soak Triphala in water at night. After filtering this water in the morning wash your eyes daily.

3. Cummin Seed – Take cumin seeds and Mishri (candy sugar or rock sugar) in equal quantity and take it with a spoonful of ghee regularly.

4. Cardamom – Take three or four green cardamoms with a teaspoon fennel and drink it regularly with a glass of milk.

5. Fennel – Take one teaspoon fennel, two almonds, and half teaspoon sugar candy with a glass of milk before sleeping at night.

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6. Almonds – Soak six-seven almonds in the water at night and regularly eat them in the morning.

7. Clarified butter or Desi Ghee – Massage Traditional Clarified butter (Desi Ghee) with a smooth hand on the temple for 5-10 minutes daily, it will increase the eyesight.

8. Carrot – Vitamin A is found in it, it increases vision by eating it regularly or by drinking its juice regularly.

9. Mustard oil – Massage mustard oil on the soles regularly before sleeping. It will increase vision.

10. Green Tea – Green tea contains antioxidants. Regular drinking it keeps eyes healthy.

(Note: One or more of the measures mentioned here can be tried more than one, but for greater results, the maximum number of these solutions should be tried on a regular basis.)

Krishn Kanhaiya (कृष्ण कन्हैया) by Hafeez Jalandhari (हफ़ीज़ जालंधरी)

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