10 easy tips and eating habit to lose weight fast

Try these 10 easy tips and eating habit to lose weight fast

Besides exercising and dieting, if some other things are taken care of, then weight loss can be much faster. Fitness expert says to lose weight fast, the role is defined as 30% for exercise and 70% for diet and other things.

These other things include many things like maintaining the healthy lifestyle, sleep properly, say no to junk food, avoid stress and tension, avoid smoking and drinking.

Here is the list of 10 such tips which help you to lose weight fast if you adopt that tips along with exercises and diet plan.

Tip 1: Take healthy diet – Increase the intake of protein and fibers and less the amount of carbohydrates and fatty food in your diet. More consumption of green vegetable and salad will help you to lose weight fast. Avoid junk food.

Tip 2: Eat Food in small quantity – Your Metabolism slows down if you eat more at a time. Eating a little in 3-4 hours helps in weight loss.

Tip 3: Take Proper sleep – Weight and obesity both grow due to waking up late in the night and not taking proper sleep. Add 6 – 8 hours of sleep in your lifestyle.

Tip 4: Drink more water – Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily will reduce calorie intake. Body toxins will not be stored. Weight will decrease.

Tip 5: Use stairs – This will be physical exercise. Extra calories will burn. Blood circulation will be good and weight will decrease.

Tip 6: Do household chores by own – Many small extractions like cleaning the house, doing gardening, burn many extra calories.

Tip 7: Say no to drugs or alcohol – Drugs cannot be metabolized easily in the drug body and fat deposits accumulate obesity.

Tip 8: Say no to tea, coffee, and the cold drink – They contain sugar and hidden calories. This can lead to the problem of weight gain.

Tip 9: Reduce the intake of salt – This gives more water to the body and Weight grows. Potassium-rich foods such as spinach, the banana will benefit from eating.

Tip 10: Avoid foods like Maida, Sugar – It contains refined carbohydrates. This increases the water in the body and the weight increases.

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What to eat if you want to lose weight fast

1. Mix 2 small spoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it before breakfast.

2. Drink a small spoon of honey and half a small spoon of cinnamon powder in a cup of hot water and drink it every morning and evening.

3. Drink a spoonful Aloe vera juice and a spoonful Amla juice mixed every morning. After this drink a glass of water.

4. Drink 2-3 cups green tea per day. If you mix a little bit of ginger or lemon juice in it, you will get more benefit.

5. Add more quantity of pepper to the food. There is an element called capsaicin, which reduces body fat rapidly.

6. Chewed 6-8 curry leaves every morning, then drink lukewarm water.

7. Eat raw tomatoes empty stomach every morning. This will help you to control hunger and lose weight.

8. Eat 250 grams boiled or raw cabbage every day. The tartaric acid in it prevents the replacement of body sugar and carbohydrates in fat.

9. Put a spoon of fennel in a glass of water at night and keep it. Boil this water in the morning, and drink it after filter that water.

10. Eat ragi dough roti at dinner as it has plenty of nutrients and calories are also less.

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That is all for this post, I wish it really helped you to lose weight fast. If you have any doubt or suggestions, feel free to write in a comment box. Thanks for sharing with your friends and family members.


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